ACA Solar, designs and builds the highest performing solar energy systems in the industry. They range in size from 1 kilowatt to over 1 megawatt, and power businesses, government and agricultural facilities, and homes. Our team has extensive experience and a passion for the business. We closely link modeling, building, and monitoring to provide solar solutions with the highest return on investment. We have built solid relationships with the top vendors in the industry, which enables us to get the solar panels and materials needed to build systems on schedule. Our premier in-house design and installation teams deliver carefree, turnkey solar systems to our customers, who love our world-class customer care. Most important, we stand behind every system 100%.

Get your own Stimulus Plan and See Immediate Savings on Your Electric Bills - There has never been a better time to go solar!

Put your home to work generating clean solar power with beautiful, high-performance Andalay solar panels, the next generation in solar power, only from Akeena Solar. Akeena Solar offers:

  • Zero Down Solar & flexible financing locks in low energy costs that never go up
  • Limited-time incentives cover up to 50% off of total costs
  • Industry-leading customer service makes it easy to go solar
  • Rock-solid solar power installation and decades of reliable power from the sun


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Doing the Right Thing
At ACA Solar, our philosophy is simple: producing clean electricity directly from the sun is the right thing to do, both for economy and the environment.

The Best Approach for You
Founded on our philosophy, our goal is to install the best possible Solar power system for our residential and commercial customers. So we provide a five-year guarantee on all systems we install. And we use only top-quality solar (PV) modules that are warranted for 25 years or more. We also provide all necessary service, support and maintenance that you may require. We meet or exceed all applicable electrical and building codes so that your system will operate properly and safely throughout its 30+ year lifespan.

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