Solar Power Services

Here is a summary of the services and equipment that we provide with our complete turn-key solar power system installations:

  • Detailed site survey, energy bill analysis, financial analysis (including NPV and cash flows using your parameters) and complete 50+ page design and installation proposal.
  • Planning and building department applications and permit paperwork, prepared by a qualified design engineer All equipment, mounting hardware, conduit and electrical components.
  • Metering and instrumentation, including optional PC monitoring and complete solar electric power weather stations.
  • Coordination of building department and utility inspections.
  • Commissioning and training on your solar power system
  • State Energy Commission and Utility applications
  • Rebate and Utility claim forms
  • Final paperwork, including avoidance of paying Federal income tax on your state rebates (surprise!)
  • Post-sales service, support and maintenance

You can purchase most of the components you need for a solar electric power system on the web. Buying the raw materials will be cheaper than the complete services that ACA Solar provides - just as it is cheaper to buy roofing shingles at Home Depot and build your own roof. Moreover, much of the equipment being advertised on the web is not state-of-the-art, and may not be fully compatible with your inverter, UL, State Energy Commission and local utility requirements. We believe that there is a tremendous amount of value provided by our complete turnkey services.

If you have the time and are extremely handy with construction and government bureaucracies, then a DIY system might make sense for you. Note that in this case you will have to pay income tax on your state rebate, and your labor costs cannot be counted towards your total system costs. In most states, your rebate can be no more than 50% of total solar power electric system costs, so you won't save nearly as much as you think. Unfortunately, we cannot help you if you want us to install bargain-basement modules that you have purchased from another source.